The .NG domain is the Internet country code top-level domain for Nigeria. While the .SG domain name requires a Singapore ID for registration, the .NG domain second level domain name is an open domain for anyone on the internet to register.

My surname is NG pronounced as [ŋ̭̍], a syllabic consonant , My dialect is Teochew. So I thought it would be significant and fun for me to have my name and surname as my internet domain name, therefore ROBIN.NG is born.

Maybe in the future, my children’s name can be sub-domain of this domain name which forms an internet family tree, or a family URL.

I also hope to see more people joining in the fun to create your own family domain names. Let’s start with the surname NG!! Go on and register a Nigeria domain name for yourself if you have the same surname as me. This would indirectly help grow the Nigerian internet business.

Some may find it contradicting when I talk about Cyber Security in this blog with a Nigerian domain name, and at the same time remind ourselves about the well-known Nigerian scam. I will consider writing something about this in the future on another blog post.

Let me know what’s your thought and leave a comment below