As we know, google search engine is the most commonly used search engine on the internet. Search engine helps us rapidly find information relevant to us. New websites are launched everyday and we do not know their exact web address until we chance upon them from some advertisements, or from social media. This how search engine has helped us, identify what is relevant to us.

Search Engine Optimization is a configuration setting on websites that is in line with how the search engine crawls. When SEO is done right, search engine can locate them and provide to people searching for something relevant on your website.

Many websites rely on SEO to have our website known and published on search results. However algorithm changes had made it very competitive.

Due to the competitive nature of SEO, many advertisers pays for google ads to have search results directly to their landing page. Advertising becomes low cost and everyone can start to advertise their website or social media pages through google.

Google search engine has been known to track and store user’s behaviors. If you search for IT Security on google, it stores this piece of information and you soon realized that many IT security related advertisements on websites you go to, starts showing advertisements. This is the tracking mechanism used by google to show advertisements, and how they helped advertisers direct traffic to them.

My Point

There are many advertisers paying google to show their ads. This is why for anything you search online, there is at least 2-3 advertisements shown on the first page of the search result. Not forgetting that search results is relevant to video searching as well on youtube, which also belongs to google. Technically, the whole of page 1 is advertising.

This is why I’m started checking out DuckDuckGo, another search engine started in 2008 focused on privacy. DuckDuckGo makes money out of search advertisements as well. What it does differently however, is when you search for IT Security, it will display advertisements on the right side of the page. As simple as that, without sacrificing the organic search results on the web.

As such, you will see more “relevant” results on the screen as compared to Google search engine that puts advertisement is your search criteria meets some ads

The above screenshot is taken from both search engine to show the difference in search results. You can try it yourself and see the difference.

While on the right, the search results from Google had it’s first page all advertisements. You will only see “some” organic search results starting from the second page. The page seems to be cluttered by advertisers even though they don’t look like ads.

On the left, you see the search results from DuckDuckGo where relevant information appears on the first few results, and they are organic. On the right side of the screen are advertisements based on “IT security” as a search term.

If you re-size your browser on DuckDuckGo, you immediately realized that the advertisement is being sacrificed for organic results on the page.

As for Google, no matter how you resize your page, it is not going to change that for you

Google is good, they changed the life of many people through it’s search engine and advertisements. It changes how we connect and engage with clients and best available resources around us. If you are looking to buy something on the internet, or willing to spend some money to solve your problem, google is good for you. It helps you locate the nearest or best service provider that can help you solve some problems.

For researchers, students or anyone doing self-learning on the internet, DuckDuckGo is obviously a better alternative, since it is showing us organic results. DuckDuckGo promised that privacy is the priority and does not track personal or any surfing information. In short, DDG does not track your behavior, and does not know what you are about to buy, and will not flash advertisements on the side of your page to distract you.

I would highly recommend DDG to any business user, as you can be more focused on your research or finding information and knowledge on the internet. More importantly, it does not collect or share any personal information

If you have switched and find DuckDuckGo fantastic, feel free to leave a comment below and get more people on-board. Welcome to the Duck Side

PS: I’m not paid by DDG to post this.