You would have been told many times to watch out for the lock to make sure that the website is safe just the the one you see below here

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This is not true. The lock is a sign that the traffic between your computer and the website is encrypted, it does not mean that the website content is safe. All it does, is the certificate authority issuing the certificate has validated and verified that the person who applied for the SSL certificate is the owner or the URL or website address, thus encrypting the traffic between client computer and the web server.

It will make it harder to steal information that you transmit to the server.

Certificate Authority (CA) sole responsibility is to ensure that the URL in which the certificate applied is owned by the correct person. The CA will not validate or check if the content or software the website offers. In obvious situation where phishing website is clearly a malicious, the CA will also NOT revoke its certificate, they will rather redirect you to content provider to resolve the issue or blocking. This can sound quite disturbing.

Below an extract from StackExchange

So, don’t have the belief that a website with a green mark or lock indicates safe content and is trusted. This is not true. We must learn the ability to differentiate between real URL and fake URL.