What is Malvertising?

Malvertising is a cocktail blend of Malware and Advertising. The blend of this cocktail describe the spread of malware through online advertisements. Malvertising first sighting was recorded back in 2007/2008 through a vulnerabilty in Adobe Flash. It has now taken off and becoming a popular for mass infections. Website owners and web publisher can possibly Continue Reading

Tech Support Scam

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has issued an advisory on “Emergence Of Tech Support Scam – Purchase of Software For Fake Computer Virus Infection”. This scam has been on-going for awhile involves tricking victims into making payments to purchase software for fake virus infection on their computers. All users to be on the lookout for Continue Reading

CVE-2019-6447 | Advisory on Vulnerability for Android ES File Explorer Application

On 17 January, a security researcher found a vulnerability in an Android application known as “ES File Explorer File Manager” (CVE-2019-6447). The application is commonly used for managing files on devices running the Android operating system.  The application only needs to be run once for the vulnerability to be active. Once launched, the application starts Continue Reading